first class

When the rug is yanked from under you!!

We all know that period when all is going well and things are working according to plan and the world is fine again until, everything comes crashing to the ground. Yes, even just saying that I can feel the pain of your face flat on the floor. This is when we all want the ground to swallow us or we just want to be locked up somewhere and never come out. For some of us, that is out of embarrassment because we told everyone who cared to listen about our great plan and probably even bragged about our little accomplishments and for others is just because we don’t know how to start picking up the pieces of our fallen teeth.

And here comes the cliché statements that we have all heard before;

  • one failure doesn’t define who you are
  • what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • now you know what not to do
  • don’t feel down, you will do better next time
  • God has a better plan
  • everything is going to be fine, just give it time…..

any or all of these would work to make you feel better and motivate you to try again one more time and accomplish what you really want.


What you shouldn’t do however is just sit there and give up. DO NOT DO THAT! Time flies like no mans business, it doesn’t care if you got your teeth knocked out or your legs cut off, it would keep rolling and before you know it you are 50 and still at the same place when you were 25.

Any step we take is a step forward and its progress. No one is asking us to go into a full sprint right after a setback, but we are expected to at least crawl or even let someone drag us before we can then crawl on our own.

What is with the motivational speech? Well, it’s because the new year is coming and many are making resolutions, but there are a few of us that want to drown in the failure of 2016 when we have better opportunities in 2017. Do not waste time, you can never get it back or even make up for it, what you can do is to make use of the time ahead to avoid regrets.

As always, thank you for reading.




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