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Looking Forward

The aura of hope that the new year brings makes everyone look forward to that one second change. I really just believe it’s magical because for some reason there is this sense of renewal and recovery that we don’t necessarily have during the course of the year.

Honestly, nothing really changed. You are still the same person, the only thing that there is the presence of hope for the future. I wonder how the world would be if we all felt like that every single day for the rest of the year and not just for the first month. During this period, we are ready to go to the ends of the earth of accomplish our goals and be the best the world has ever seen .

But as the celebration of the year ends and the year begins to show its true colors, we lose hope, we start settling down into our old ways and not go the length we have to, we start looking away from things that matter and focusing on things that are of zero benefit to us or the people around us.

I believe we can have this hope for most of the year if we decide to celebrate everyday of our existence the way we do on the first of January, if we look at coming days as an opportunity to do something significant, if we don’t let ourselves be distracted by things in this world, if we build and prepare ourselves for future accomplishments, if we spend time with friends, family and those who are ready to help us grow, if we decide to be adventures and just add a little fun to our somethings boring routines.

cheering for 2017 like…

The new year gives us room for changes, baggage that we don’t want from 2016 to go along with us, and things that we wished we had done in 2016. Remember as you make these changes, make yourself accountable for them, don’t just write down something you want to do also create the strategy to achieving it.

I wish everyone a great year and let the hope remain for the rest of it, and as always thank you for reading




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