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The Society We Live In

It has been a long time, I know.

This is not some sort of encouragement or motivating post, but this is a post about questions. I have so much to ask the society…people about the kind of world we live in. It is very clear that we influence each other in so many ways, but is this influence becoming too much.

Few days ago, I heard a story about a Nigerian girl who just had sex and thought the sex wasn’t good enough, she then decided to go to Snapchat and tell the rest of the world about her disappointment with the guy still next to her. Mind you this girl is just a teenager. First of all we all know that by African standards she shouldn’t be having sex, her parents in normal circumstances will beat the stupidity out of her. But no, this girl went a step further to publicize  to the world that her parents are irresponsible and have no authority or form of guidance in her life. This is not only embarrassing, it is very very very disturbing.

The world of social media is burning our brains and minds, especially with the young ones. No! parents can no longer monitor what their children watch and hear. There is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and a lot more where they have access to unlimited information. They see and hear things that are not age appropriate. No, but for real why would a child  think that its okay to not only have sex, but also publicize it?  where else will she get this ridiculous idea from if not from all these platform.

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I am aware that they also provide good information and keep us updated about important stuff but how can there be a line….a massive wall. Nobody watches TV anymore, and why should we? when we have our laptops and phones and with the click or touch of a button we have everything we need.

I also know that it’s not just the social medias fault, influence from family values, music lyrics, movies, advertisements and so many things contribute to the ridiculous behavior of children and youths and it just looks like the world is going into aches as technology is gaining more control.

This topic really means a lot to me and it should also be to you, and it would be great if we as individuals can set good examples for the young ones, let them know that its okay to not want a Kylie lip kit, or Brazilian hair, or wear layers of makeup or have sex, or have an hour-glass figure…any stupid materialistic thing, because at the end of the day what makes and individual is their character, personality, beliefs and moral standards, these things are what will make good people stay around you.

Please remember to be good, the world needs it. Thank you for reading.





2 thoughts on “The Society We Live In”

  1. Yes, this is true my dear…
    I think more of the problem too is peer pressure. Most of them want to belong where it’s no necessary… And I think when it comes to the topic relating to sex, most people shy away from it… it’s high time to give the young ones more of sex education and to let them know they are perfectly normal if they don’t have premarital sex regardless of how media paint it…


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