first class

Good morning Sunshine

Hello there, I'm sure its morning in some part of the world and to that I say Good morning. The perfect time to get your heads space in the right path.   Good morning, it's the perfect time to drink in the sunshine and glow from withinĀ and from without. Good morning, it's the perfect time… Continue reading Good morning Sunshine

story time

Walking Girl

  It's bright and sunny outside, it hasn't been this beautiful in a long time. At least that's what everyone around her is saying, she can't see that. To her everything is still the way it has always been dark, scary and lonely. She can't see the bright colors or feel the sun, oh how… Continue reading Walking Girl

first class

The Society We Live In

It has been a long time, I know. This is not some sort of encouragement or motivating post, but this is a post about questions. I have so much to ask the society...people about the kind of world we live in. It is very clear that we influence each other in so many ways, but… Continue reading The Society We Live In