first class


Is this real, it has to be a dream. “I needs to wake up” she thought to herself because nothing about this seems right, but as reality slowly sets in, she immediately dialed 911 with shaking hands sitting in the pool of his blood. With no idea of what had happened, all she noticed was the stab wounds all over his body, she could not think. Finally deciding what to do, she added pressure to stop the bleeding but the wounds were everywhere. Crying silently and calling to him to stay with her, his eyes were slowly drifting, his breath shallow, his pulse weak. She called to him now louder making sure that she kept him awake. With every second feeling like a decade, the ambulance finally came, he was rushed to the hospital and all she could do now was to hope and pray.

While waiting for an update about his surgery that had been going on for 2 hours now, she could not stop herself from wondering who could have done this. Did robbers attack in his home, but nothing in the house seemed to be missing or out-of-place. When she had walked in into his place, he was laying in the pool of blood. It was clear that he had just been stabbed few seconds before she came in. Who would want him dead?

She had only gone there because he called her to meet at his place, she would not have granted his request not after what he had done to her, not after the pain he had caused, but because she needed answers and reasons why he would betray her like that, she drove over.

As she paced along the hallway of the hospital, she said a prayer for him, she needed him to pull through this because he was important to her.


It feels good to be back here.

its about time

To follow the rest of their story be back next Sunday. Hopefully you enjoy this. Thank you for reading.



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