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Diary of a movie addict: The Flash – Finish line

Hi you,

Today was the end of season 3 for the flash series, and I’m sure everyone was so anxious to see how it would end and prepare us for the next season. However, I am pretty sure we didn’t expect it to end this way, like seriously.

The whole season they were taking us on this roller-coaster ride of who Savitar was and what he wanted, and when we finally found out who he was which by the way was a shock to many, we had to learn why he became that way and why he is refusing to change. I must say that the flash really upped their game for this season especially for finish line, that name is appropriate if I do say so myself.


Finish line didn’t just end the whole Savitar landslide (Iris shot him), it also took away H.R whom I love by the way. If you are wondering why that is, H.R pretended to be Iris using that face-swap tech thing and got killed instead of Iris. All seemed to be going well and things were returning back to normal after the funeral for H.R and it was like Iris and Barry would get married and all would be well with the universe again until, the speed force was like nahhhh, you are going absolutely nowhere. Come to think of it, the speed force isn’t really a nice thing, it likes punishing people and trapping and chasing them. It likes holding those with the force in them prisoners of some sort.

And so it came for Barry, and by that I mean it came for the entire universe looking for someone to hold prisoner. As we all know Barry being Mr Nice and taking responsibility for his actions ,volunteered to go with the force and now we are all just like WHAT?


All that time, strength and emotions we used throughout the season to keep Caitlin normal and Iris alive, Barry just walks into the speed force like it’s no big deal, are we to just forget about him? Well it is clear that we have no clue what would happen in the next season and who the main villain would be, but I would be waiting and expecting something even better.

Have a good day and as always thank you for reading.




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