first class

Anchor to reality

Hey hey,

How are you doing over there? very well I hope. I have been going through different phases in life recently and I have grown and learned from these stages, and sometimes it didn’t occur to me that change was going on and other times, I realize that there is still more to work on, that is the point right? to be a better person everyday. With that, I try to make goals and plans to make sure that I am making progress and at the very least that I am not going backwards. When these plans are made, I get all pump up and start working towards it and midway, I start to forget what I was even doing all that for and I slowly drop the pace and maybe eventually stop.

so done.jpg

That’s when I need an anchor, someone or something that would bring me back to life, that would make me see the reality of life and help me remember what I am working for or against. Thankfully, I am surrounded by friends and family who support me and challenge me not to be satisfied with where I am and help me to become better and greater. Just because you do not have what you want, doesn’t  mean that you shouldn’t work with what we have, and something that we are all blessed with equally is time.

How you choose to spend yours is entirely up to you and it would determine the results that you have at the end of the day, just always ticking clockremember that the clock keeps ticking and it stops for no one.

If you don’t think you have someone to lean on, it’s very okay to have a goal or a memory, even an object to bring you back whenever you feel yourself drifting away. At the end of the day you are accountable for your actions.

So to all the great anchors out there, thank you for your love, care and support and I hope that I have somehow been able to impact you just as you have to me.

As always thank you for reading, see you soon.




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