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Diary of a movie addict: Big Little Lies

Yes I am back again as promised.

Based on the best seller by Liane Moriarty,

First off, let me just say this series is amazing and I love the cast, it is so good. The acting was on another level but really, what do you expect with a cast like that. It was short and it wasn’t unnecessary dragged, every episode had a reason to exist.

If you haven’t heard anything about Big Little lies, here is a beginner’s guide. There are a group of mothers living in a very competitive environment where everyone is rich and everyone is trying to show off who is more powerful and influential except for one. They all have kids in the first grade and they are very involved in there children’s lives.

cast of big little lie.jpg

We have Madeline Mackenzie: annoying, control freak, all up in your business, caring, willing to help and stands by your side, loving mother and good wife

Celeste Wright: beautiful wife, loving and caring mother, retired lawyer and seemingly perfect in everything.

Jane Chapman: great and young mother, no husband, tying to make the best life for her son and a little weird.

Renata Klein: CEO of a big company, sophisticated, loving mother and very aggressive.

The show started with people being questioned about a murder that happened at a school fundraising event. It goes on to talk about the relationship the mothers and the fathers of the children have with another and how one lie or secret leads to another and now someone is dead.


I suggest you watch this to understand the dynamics in a society and how things that we see are not really what they are. People only show you what they want you to remember, it doesn’t matter if its true or not and everyone will fight to be the best parent they can be. It is very passionate, intense and funny if you are into those sorts to things.

As always thank you for reading, see you soon.





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