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Diary of a movie addict : Grey’s Anatomy

Hello there,

I have been gone for a while and yes I have missed you too, but I had to come back for today’s episode of Grey’s anatomy. I’ll just go straight to the point, no I DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT agree with this whole Jackson and Maggie thing, please no no no. I was completely fine with Jackson and Stephanie, and then he did the whole runaway bride with April and that was really cool but please not Maggie, they don’t melt into one. Jackson and April are meant to be with each other forever.

i see it

i see it again


Now that I am done with that, the rest of the episode was just mainly annoying, some parts were emotional but still annoying, so Stephanie is leaving after getting burnt, we don’t see much of Alex or any sign of Joe, they don’t show Owens sisters face just that she is a red-head (which I like).

Oh yeah, there is something that made me happy, Minnick is fired, yes! finally. That woman is the most annoying character.

its about time

What else, nothing really. So what we are expecting to see next season is if Meredith and Riggs (love his hair) will move forward, Jackson and Maggie will be a thing (I reject it) and if Owen can somehow get his life in order now that his sister is back.

As long as they keep giving me episodes, I’ll keep watching, as always thank you for reading. Don’t go too far there would be another Diary of a movie addict tomorrow, so come back around. Hint: Lies, try guessing what it is.




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