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Diary of a movie addict: 13 Reasons Why

Starring: Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro and Dylan Minnette. To see the whole cast

Netflix original series

Adapted from the book Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher.

This series is all about a high school girl Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and left a bunch of tapes, 13 to be exact, for all those that she thought played a part in her life and led her to making a horrible choice like that.

The rules were pretty simple, listen to the whole 13 tapes and pass it on to the next person on the tape and if you tried to destroy it or not send it on, she had a back up plan for that. Everything was going well until the tapes got into the hands of Clay Jensen. Unlike everyone who had received the tapes, Clay took his time to listen and to also feel her pain and sympathize with her. At a point he felt that it was his responsibility to avenge her and make everyone take responsibility for the part they had played, then he listened to his own part in the tape and realized things were not so simple.


When the trailer for this series was going around I wasn’t too excited and even after it came out, I still didn’t watch it until I saw a meme on Instagram and then I gave it a try. From the very first episode I was sold and I kept watching, and when I say I kept watching I mean I did not sleep until the end. Watched the whole thing at once.

This series is not one of those fantasy things or superhero…ish or reality anything. It was an amazing execution of the reality of a lot of people around us and sadly we don’t have the reasons or explanations to why someone would take their own life and ways to help us prevent and help someone else from making this decision. When watching this, you forget about the acting and the set and all those things and begin to think from the perspective of the victim and it opens your eyes, heart and thoughts to how much simple things make a massive difference, and what you think is insignificant, can make someone else tick and loose it.


our words.jpg


Truth is we cannot fully understand why someone will choose to take their own life, but what we do know is that our words and actions have reactions and they might be more than what you bargained for. Pay attention to those around you, not because you want a gold star or you are feeling righteous but because this people have lives and fears and problems and all need someone or something to make it a little easier, just like you do. Help people realize the possibilities they have in living and the hope for the future, yes you can not guaranty that the immediate future will be better but you cannot also say that it wont, we all have to be alive to find out our capabilities and everyday that we go through it is everyday that we win in life.


I can not even stress this enough, if you are student, an employer and employee or human, please and please do not bully anyone, do not go out of your way to deliberately oppress someone. Do not do and say things that will send someone into a spiral downfall, do not be the reason why someone does not feel good in the morning, do not be the reason why someone hates going to work, do not be the reason someone wants to hide, do not be the reason why someone will take their own life. Genuinely care about others the way you want to be cared for.


If you are someone who needs help, please ask for it. If you need to see a professional please say so and don’t hold anything in and let yourself to be helped, there is no weakness in needing help. There is more to life and there are many ways to find your happy, all you need is a little help.

I strongly recommend that you watch this if you are human…thank you for reading








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