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Diary of a movie addict: The Vampire Diaries


Hello there, from the title of the post I am pretty sure you know where this is going. So yeah, our beloved vampire diaries has come to an end, after 8 seasons of following very unrealistic characters that still somehow had a place in our hearts and had impacts in our lives.

But to the main thing which is the episode finale. I wasn’t really sure if  Nina Dobrev would actually come back for this episode but ssad
he did in all her glory giving us both Katherine and Elena. It was going all well and good and everyone was so emotional and focused on getting rid of hell and Katherine with it, it became even more emotional when we realized that Stephan died leaving his beautiful bride.


But here is the part I don’t get, the last few scenes of the episode felt a little bit rushed to me. I know they wanted to be done but all of a sudden every one was alive again? Someone should please explain from the part where Damon and Elena got married to the part where suddenly I was seeing dead people, and also I feel like Bonnie didn’t get the best in all of this. She found the person that she loved and he was taken away from her and then she had to use her magic knowing fully well that she might never be able to see him again…so sad.  And finally, will we be seeing Caroline on the Originals or will there be a spin-off for her and Klaus?

klaus letter to Caroline

All in all, it was great spending time with these characters crying laughing and getting angry with them, but just like everything in life it had to come to an end and we will definitely miss them but we are ready for somethings new.

Goodbye TVD and as always, thank you for reading






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