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“Try” is not an Excuse

Hi there, what I am about to say applies to me too, so just chill and please listen. Most of the time, we use the word “try” to get away from responsibilities or make ourselves feel good about not properly taking care of our duties. Sometimes you hear something like “I tried to be a good student” even thought she really means “I thought about studying and then I realized I wasn’t interested and I’d rather watch Bates Motel”, or “I really try to be a good husband but she drives me nuts” but what he really means is that he is not interested in listening to his wife and would rather spend his time and money at the strip club.

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We are only allowed to use the word “try” when we have put in the time and effort and also doing everything in a capacity to making sure that something gets done but the results are not what was expected. So it goes like this “I tried being a good student, I took extra classes and put in more hours and studied but still got a C”.


We don’t get to use “try” as an excuse to make ourselves sleep well at night or convince ourselves that we deserve a gold star for something that is our responsibility in the first place. You can’t be like, “oh I did well, shgt+turn+on+calculator+gt+shows+the+time+_434e4ca51e74aad024199122556ab650owed up for classes throughout the semester”. You are supposed to that’s why you paid tuition, you are supposed to love your spouse and listen to him/her that’s why you got married, no one gives you a round of applause for that. If you say you would do something, just get it done. Also side note: stop making commitments that you know you have no interest in keeping, whats the point?


Now, we can all agree that I was basically talking to myself here, I would like to say happy new month and DO NOT forget to work towards your year resolutions…9 months to go. As always thank you for reading. 




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