story time

Walking Girl 2.



There it was, in its majestic beauty. She has always loved coming here, not all the time but for most it. She used to come here a lot more when she was younger but now with the responsibilities of life she decided to give this one a rest. Well at least that what she tells herself when the true reason is that she saw something that changed her perspective on life and out of all places that it could have happened, it had to be here.

Many years ago when her Dad started taking her here to the William Institution of Art, he told her that he could tell how much she loved art. She was always so interested in colors and shapes and anything that told a story without actually using words, so he brought her here to be able to see the unlimited ability of a person only if they decide to imagine.

What she personally loved about the Institute was that it was all forms of art but her favorites were those that had to do with paintings, wood work and most especially metal work. The fact that a person can bend something that is naturally hard and stubborn into something beautiful and delicate is why she fell in love with art and with this place. She started taking classes to improve her skill and also with the hope that one day, some of her works would be displayed there.

The same way Williams Institute of Art brought her joy and life, that’s the same way it took it unexpectedly. This happened few years back, she was there trying to get inspiration for her next piece and trying to clear her head from so much school work when suddenly there was a loud bang, and when she turned around someone laid dead right in the middle of a metal work with one of its spikes going through him. It was horrible, there was blood everywhere and from that day forward she hasn’t felt the same way about art and even life in general. The scene was engraved deep in her brain. She tried thinking about what the murderer was going for when she made such a statement. Of course an investigation was done and the culprit was arrested but that didn’t change anything, that man was still dead. Killed by his wife and by his work.

She tried going back there few weeks later but it just didn’t feel the same,  she tried again and again but nothing changed so she gave up on the place and on her love for art. Now standing in front of it she knows the right thing to do is to go right in and inhale the life that she left behind. And so she took one step at a time until she was in and that’s all that she needed.

I enjoyed writing this story and if you also enjoyed reading it please leave a comment below. If you would like stories like this please let me know. As always, thank you for reading. 



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