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The fecal-oral route

If you are still wondering what the fecal-oral route is, it is exactly as it sounds. The transmission of microbes or pathogens found in the feces of  an infected person or animal into the oral cavity causing disease. There are a lot of microorganisms that are transmitted this way. Just to name a few, there is;

  • Salmonella typhi causing typhoid fever
  • Vibrio cholerae, causing cholera
  • Poliovirus, causing poliomyelitis

like every other disease the severity is left to how good your immune system is to fight it and also just like every other thing in life it is better to prevent it. The prevention of diseases via this transmission is very simple, good hygiene. Just wash your hands after using the toilet, wash your hands before and after food, drink clean water, if you have contact with animal droppings, just wash your hands right after. It’s as simple as that.

Okay, so why am I talking about poop?


It’s because I want us to relate it to our everyday lives.

Most of the time when we do away with somethings it’s because they are not good for us. These things usually cause stress to our body either mentally, physically, emotionally or even spiritually. Because we want to be able to function properly they become waste products.

Now if you decide to go back to those things that you got rid of in your life you know that means trouble. Going back to a relationship that is abusive, going back to your bad eating habit, going back to a work environment that you know has led you to the point of death, going back to poor social habits like excessive intoxication or drug abuse…you all know what I am talking about. Doing things that you are very well aware that you shouldn’t . These things usually have higher damage the second time around and the cost for the damage is great.

Just like the prevention of fecal-oral infections, all you have to do is wash your hands. Take off your mind away from things that you know are no good for you. Wash the hands of your mind and decide to do things that are healthy for you. Don’t go near things that you know you are not strong enough to resist. Immunocompromised patients are given extra attention, care and medication, so also you should pay attention to yourself and know your weaknesses so you don’t fall all over again

all I am saying is “don’t re-ingest your poop man!”


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


6 thoughts on “The fecal-oral route”

  1. Great one. Love the way you linked the medical advice to everyday life.
    #The_Journey_Remains_Forward 👉 👉 👉 👉


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