first class

it deserves more than a second

Do people say things like this to you?

Thank you

You look beautiful today

You have such a lovely family

You are a great cook

It was a pleasure working with you

You just bright up the room with your smile

I am glad to call you my friend

I love your accent

It was really nice to meet you


Most likely your answer is yes, in fact you probably hear one of these more than once a day, and you are now sensitized to them that you don’t even give them more than a second to actually mean something to you.

These words are important, the thought that some people don’t get to be called beautiful might be a little strange to you but that’s the reality of their lives. there are people who dedicate their lives to taking care of others and be there for them but they are not shown any gratitude (a simple thank you would be nice). There are people around the world with the same accent as you but instead of being loved for their diversity they are hunted and killed.

I am just saying, the next time you are given a compliment, cherish it and be grateful for that because you are one of the fortunate ones to hear that. Also don’t forget to put a smile on someone else face, it might be all they need.

Never undermine the compliment. Receive every compliment with unassuming gratitude. Avoid phrases like, “Oh, it’s no big deal,” or “Thanks, but it was nothing.” When you downplay a compliment, you may feel that you’re showing humility. Instead, it may make the person who gave you the compliment feel personally rejected (Entrepreneur June 23, 2014)

thank you for reading.



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