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The Battlefield

Decision decision decision. Making decisions is the hardest thing we have to do as humans and we are compelled to do this everyday. It starts even with the smallest of things like waking up early or sleeping in, doing your exercise or not, studying or watching movies before we even get to bigger things like who you want to spend the rest of your life with, how many kids you want, if you have to forgive that person who almost ruined your life. It’s just a constant battle and it takes place in the MIND.




You see, both little and big decision all add up to determine your future and the game players that facilitate this process are your HEART and BRAIN. This two organs are very important anatomically and physiologically but they are also very important emotionally and spiritually.

This is how I see it. Your heart is like the emotional bank, for example when you see your crush your heart races, when you loose a loved one your heart is in a complete mess. Your heart will tell you what you need to do without any force, you just know that you can ‘feel it’.

Now the brain is like the anti-heart, it’s very forceful, it contains all the data that you have accumulated over the years and it tells you what kind of decision you have to make based on previous decisions or experiences. Whether to listen to the heart or the brain all depends on the battle in the mind

Sometime they are both on the same side therefore no need to fight easy as ABC… but other times they want to show who is boss and who knows you better. What we have to do is train the battle ground to always favor us as a whole and make the right decision. We want to make sure that our minds are consistent in making the right decision.



How? you may ask.

  • you prep the battle ground before the two parties come in for the fight, for example if you think you will have a hard time waking up early because your bed is too comfortable set alarms with just 30 minutes interval
  • if you don’t want to study because Game of thrones will be airing and you are one episode behind, plan your day and designate time to study and what to study, if you have to write down the reason for studying do so
  • if you have a problem with forgiveness prep your mind by always remembering that God loves you and he continues to forgive you no matter what and you are to extend that same love to others, also remember that to not forgive someone will make you constantly keep thinking¬†about that person but forgiving them is the key to forgetting them.


Yes or no, good or bad, right or wrong, good or evil, you have to decide what side you are on, what individual you want to be and want to be remembered as . Make the choices that will favor your entire existence not just for the short run but also in a long run.

Have a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “The Battlefield”

  1. You are right it indeed a battlefield, especially between watching the latest movie everyone has watched and studying biochemistry. I also think the type of things we feed our soul with can help in making decisions. so, we should try and feed our souls with positive things both spiritually and physically.

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