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What are we “saying”?

I was just wondering how many times I have said something that I didn’t really mean, and I realized that it’s most of the time. All day long we sensor our world to fit the situation we are in. It might be because we want to be considerate of others, or we are hiding our own fears and worries or probably because you know the conversation is just for the sake of it.PhotoGrid_1463825899417

Someone said this “if I see you on the street and I ask how you are, don’t start telling me your life history, I really don’t want to know. Just say I am fine and move on”. I can say this is what 90% of us do when asked a question, we just give the response that is expected to be heard and not the truth (… is it considered a lie?), we live among people that are going through so much ordeal in their lives and we don’t even know because everyone has adapted to the “I’m fine” face mask.

How do we really feel? What do we really want to say? Why does the society expect us to keep smiling even when we are going through so much? So many questions, only if there was someone to answer.

words have power in them, remember that



8 thoughts on “What are we “saying”?”

  1. Great 👍👍👍. I’m proud of u and I’m just glad u are soaring higher with your articles and you are informing and educating your readers.
    #The_Journey_Remains_Forward 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉

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  2. I think on of the major problem is INSECURITIES, you can imagine sharing your problem with someone and they feel they know everything about your insecurities/weaknesses and use that against you?.. Or telling someone your problem and they are like ”you always have something to say, are you the only one”?

    Am sure some of all would have experience this once or many times, which made a lot of us to resort to “AM FINE” clause even when we are not.. As medical students, we know the rate of how depressed people can be even behind their smiles..

    I think everything should start from us, how many people have we listened to their problem with honesty? how many have we encouraged without any ulterior motive? how many have we tried to care for without pretense? Once this start from us, things will only get better and we can also be able to find TRUE EARS THAT LISTEN..

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