first class


Hello hearts

yes, I stole that from YouTube sensation Superwoman, if you were wondering. Everyday is an opportunity for you to have new wins.  It doesn’t matter what win or how many wins you had previously,  for today strive to have a new win. That is not to say that you shouldn’t remember or be unappreciative of the ones you had before, but because when we see that we have achieved some certain things we begin to settle and get comfortable in that state, when in fact there is more to achieve. Also it is not to say that you should drive your head through a wall when you don’t win something for the day. There are more days to come and you want to achieve as much as you can each day, let no day go to waste. If you try a method to win something today and it doesn’t go through you should try another method tomorrow to achieve what you want.

Now one thing that we should remember is that our wins don’t have to be big things like buying a Ferrari, owning Apple or being the president of  the USA.  They can be little things like helping an elderly person cross the street, remembering and understanding the pharmacology of hypertensive drugs for medical students like me, going to rehab of an addiction, or letting go of something that keeps holding you back in the past.



Give yourself the opportunity to have wins, count your wins everyday and be grateful for them, then start all over the next day.

~~~~~here are some of my favorite videos Superwoman has posted just because of little things she says and does~~~~



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