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The perception of colors is one of the greatest gift given to us. The fact that we can differentiate between blue and green is wonderful, even to the point of differentiating between the different shades of a color is even more amazing. I believe colors give more meaning to things and it adds emotion to them.

Even with this gift, some get to see in just black and white. Not that they don’t have the ability to see, they are probably just too scared to, or are comfortable with this limited spectrum.

As a person grows older you realize that life is not as easy as the elderly made it seem. Most of us pass through situations that hardens or softens our hearts. Events and decisions that change our lives forever. For some, this events are great but for others who are not strong enough, we crack under the pressure. 

We begin to limit our possibilities because we are too scared or not interested in trying again. We limit our spectrum. Knowing how tough life can be myself, I can’t just say stop lying around or do something about it. Not everyone is fortunate to have someone they can lean on and therefore have to go through all of it on their own.

What I would say is this, no matter what category you are in, the
colorful-flower-petals-680x425 strength, hope and desire to broaden your spectrum can only come from within. It wont start suddenly, you gain more every time that you try. Just take a little step. If
you are seeing just black and white, add brown to it, for the next step maybe add a dark purple and keep improving. 

There is great joy in being able to see what others can see, it allows you to communicate, learn and grow as a person. Don’t limit yourself to just two colors when you can have the rainbow and more. Put a lot of effort to being the best version of yourself and you will smile everyday.

See you soon hearts, have a wonderful day…



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