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Hearts, have you realized that you have different types of love for the people around you. The love you have for your parents is different from the love you have for your sibling, the love you have for your boyfriend or girlfriend is different from the love you have for your best friend (unless they are the same person). But that doesn’t mean that they can be compared, it just means that they are in separate categories. You know like the taste of well seasoned grilled chicken and the taste of pineapple juice…I love both of them but they can’t be compared.

The love that I am talking about today is the heart that has always been with me since I was born. This person has protected me in the capacity available, provided for me when I needed it, put my needs above theirs, prayed for me.

This love of mine has set good standard for me to reach, given me motivation and encouraged me when I was weak. This love has always been proud of me and scolded me when I decide to put my brain in my shoes..(for safe keeping you know).

I love th7e34197526f029aa02f6d99d8c339e3dis heart with everything that I have. I have always and will continue to be proud of this heart (I know I don’t show it, but its true). She has shown great strength in times of weakness (I know where she got that from), and she has stayed true to herself by loving everyone around her and showing incredible patience. Many things that I want to be, she already is, it reminds me that everything can be achieved.

I love you Precious Ariye and if we are given another life I will still choose you.

Hearts out there, tell everyone one that you hold dear how you feel. The time that we have with the ones we love is precious, the memories that we share cannot be replaced and the places they hold in our hearts can never be filled by another.

Have a wonderful day hearts, see you soon.


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