first class


Dear Hearts,

Its raining heavily outside, like its insane. What should I do? I could just stay home and get somethings done and just take the day off…but oh no! I can’t do is the beginning of new and great things because of my new job. its one hour before my official time to start as an employed individual, God knows I have been waiting for this for such a long time, if I leave now, I wont be late. No rain is holding me back today. I’ll just pick up my umbrella and be on my way.

Okay, so now am waiting for a taxi at the road side, it wont take so long to find one. Taxis are usually empty at this time. Here comes Kelly, she  is my really ‘good friend’ and we stay in the same apartment. I can see she doesn’t have an umbrella , it wouldn’t be nice if she shows up to work a wet so I decided to share my umbrella with her.

Here comes the first taxi,  thank God we can now leave this pouring rain. WAIT!!!!….what just happened?…… did she just get into the cab alone?. She said she was not heading straight to work and had to make a lot of stops, that’s funny because all the stops are on the way to my new job.retouch

I made it early by fifteen minutes, thank God. There she is, Kelly already seated and ready for the day. With the number of errands she said she had to make there is no way she could have gotten here in time. Well next time I just wont share my umbrella.

My point here is to ask you who is under your umbrella?. Are they those who will stand with you in the pouring rain and then leave the minute there is an escape without you or those that will be there with every step of the way. There are people around us who take us a step back  every time and there are those who build us up for the challenges ahead. Surround yourself with the people who care, trust and believe in you. They are hard to find these day because everyone is trying to get to top so fast and alone.

I read somewhere that to meet someone special, good, kind and honest, you also have to have these qualities. By taking time to be a better person for others, you attract positive things to you. There will always be people with opposite characters that will come around, its your job to help them whatever way you can but don’t hang around so much that they begin to corrupt you.

Make sure that those under your umbrella, whether in the pouring rain or scorching sun, are those that can trust and care for you, and you can trust and care for them too. I am still trying to get it right. Starting with myself which is the most challenging part because you have to be self motivated and remember that you doing this for you.

Have a wonderful day hearts, I’ll see you soon….


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