first class


Recently, I have been  thinking of what to do with my life. Should I start making makeup video like most girls do or should i start singing or dancing or stuff like that?. Then I realized that there is no point because although I can do all these, there are a thousand more girls who can do them better than I can. I get quiet sometimes and I wonder what can I do better than everyone else …hmm… answer because billions of people exist in this world, how can I be better than everyone else. So I have decided to do one thing that I love to do, which is speak from the heart to anyone who needs it, even if you don’t I’ll tell you anyway

My posts are going to be true to me and true to what I believe in which is what I suggest everyone should do. Because as we move along in the journey of life trying to find ourselves, its easy to lose track of who we really are. I believe that if the people around us knows who we are they can help bring you back on track when we are making a left turn in life.

I hope you guys all enjoy my posts and it will be very fulfilling to know that you can relate to them, get strength from them and be a better person…..I mean that’s the point right?, if not  whats the reason for going through life each day and  just repeating the exact same routine without gaining a thing or two



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